We are bombarded with strategies to enhance our health, parent our children, loose weight, help sleep, improve our relationships, develop spirituality, achieve success, make money, simplify life, reduce stress, train our pets, enhance our memory, become more tech savvy, enjoy life, prepare for retirement, travel more, engage in service, cook healthy, travel the world, complete a bucket list  AND then DIY it all. To be completely honest, just thinking about the plethora of recommendations is overwhelming.

We can not do it all, nor could we or should we. Choose what is important to YOU and simplify the focus on it with enjoyment, curiosity, and a growth mindset. The growth mindset engages your mind in learning the challenge with the expectations of just that “learning something and trying something” not perfecting. The sign that we are setting ourselves up for defeat is when we tell ourselves “we should or we must” . This is a type of cognitive distortion that provides negativity to our thoughts and feelings. We may feel guilt, defeat, inadequacy, anger or sadness. Do these thoughts and emotions serve you? They do not and they will steal the energy away from your motivation and contentment of your goals and the small, achievable steps towards those goals.

If you want to sleep better, focus on going to bed at a set time tonight and waking at a particular time in the morning. Add a beneficial bedtime routine such as reading instead of the tv or ipad.These are small, achievable steps will lead to the accomplishment of the larger goals through daily attainable action.  

If you want to improve your relationships, what can you do today? Text a friend. Initiate plans. Spend time conversing over meals. Take time to enjoy time together with no distractions. Listen and share with each other.

If you want to DIY your life….there is Pinterest but the key is to focus on 1 area or task at a time.

A Little Progress Each Day, Adds up to Big Results

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