“Feel it. The thing that you do not want to feel.  Feel it. And be free. “- nayirrah waheed

Maybe the anger is regularly consuming you. You feel grouchy, reactive and short-tempered. The ones around are irritating you. You feel the anger but have no idea why!  People ask or look at you with a glance of disappointment or anxiety. You look around and see others calm and relaxed…..enjoying their day without a care in the world. You wonder why you are on edge again.  You wonder about this unexplained anger and why do you have it?

Here are some questions to help you figure it out and then you can make some personal changes to handle the anger and instill some calmness in your day and yourself.

  1. Do you have boundaries and say “no, I am not able to or I am not available”? Or are you attempting to please the world and ‘yes’ yourself into a ball of stress regularly?
  2. Are you not getting enough sleep? Or eating the nourishing foods that help our mood?
  3. Do you have depression? Irritability is a symptom. Anger masking sadness happens!
  4. Is it anxiety?  The anger unfolds when one has to put extra energy consistently towards handling feelings of overwhelment and worry.
  5. Are you struggling with a relationship in your life?
  6. Are you trying to control everything that is outside of your control?  All that you can control is YOU!. “If another can easily anger you, it is because you are off balance with yourself.”- unknown author
  7. Do you feel resentful?
  8. Anger also covers up for feelings vulnerability such as sadness, fear, or loneliness. 

Anger is a normal emotion and communicating how you feel is important.  Counseling is a helpful support to figuring out how the anger develops and ways to manage it in a healthy manner. Learning ways to handle your anger improves your relationships, physical healthy and emotional well being. Getting a hold of your anger will allow you to enjoy your everyday life.

Counselors can support you in talking about the most difficult areas of your life.  “We know it is difficult to talk about, however it is needed and we are here”. – PaperCranes Healthcare


Accept the feeling without becoming the emotion. Permit it. Sit with it and Release it.

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