Our Approach

“I work with individuals (and couples) who feel ‘stuck’, personally, in their own lives and in relationships, helping them identify their own patterns and to get ‘unstuck’.”

~ Jonathan Harrop ~

Clinical Lead at Paper Cranes Healthcare

Emotional-Focused Therapy

EFT is one of the most validated forms of therapy proven effective in working with couples with all ranges of struggles and relationship injuries.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

CBT is a form of psychotherapy that is client-centered and brings awareness to the relationship between our thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Developed self-awareness encourages growth, strengthens relationships and improves one's overall health. CBT is evidenced based and beneficial to the care of mental health conditions. It is effective as a solution-focused brief treatment and self-care, as well as the continuous care of metal health conditions. CBT is also effective in overcoming the obstacles and emotional struggles within one's life.