Allison Ellsworth

Licensed Associate Marriage & Family Therapist (LAMFT)

I believe that healing, growth and change are possible. I recognize the innate goodness, strength and potential in each individual and consider it a sacred privilege to help others recognize and live consistent with that potential. I approach my work with clients as a collaborative partnership and respect their goals, pace, and readiness. The course of treatment tends to have three general stages: assessment and education; symptom management and relief; and healing underlying issues.

I work with couples and families to help improve and restore relationships and marriages. I also specialize in people with many presenting issues including working with peripartum mood disorders, including postpartum depression and anxiety. I am also a good fit for individuals who struggle with perfectionism and whose views of themselves is obscured by excessive or inappropriate guilt or shame.

Based on my training, experience, and on current research, I believe humans are created for connection and that greatest satisfaction in life involves emotional safety and connection in close relationships. Accordingly, I will often encourage clients to invite significant others to be part of their healing process.

Laura Rice

Licensed Associate Counselor(LAC)

Are you looking for a way improve your well-being? I provide a safe and neutral counseling space for individuals, couples and families to work towards an overall improvement within their relationships, everyday life and mindset. Beginning counseling is a positive decision towards self-care and a proactive way to handle life’s hardships. Counseling provides an opportunity to learn ways to gain control over one’s life.I believe that the power of empathy within counseling can be life changing. In addition, I am passionate about helping parents learn and implement positive behavioral strategies to support their children.

I provide evidenced based therapy to families, individuals, couples, children and adolescents. I work with clients towards their individualized goals at a comfortable pace. I have confidence in a holistic, client centered approach with a Cognitive-Behavioral focus.I have more than 10 years experience counseling clients.

I specialize in issues unique to parenting, relationship conflicts, self- esteem, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, behavioral issues, child development, and family dynamics.